Wine Science Programme

Our research

The University of Auckland is actively engaged in a wide range of enological and oenological research projects directed at applying the latest advances in various disciplines for the benefit of the New Zealand wine industry.

These research activities are run with the close involvement and co-operation of New Zealand wine companies, whose on-going interest and support is an essential part of their success and the ultimate uptake of knowledge by the local industry.

Projects are run within the Wine Science programme from its research base at the Tāmaki campus, and at research laboratories within the School of Chemical Sciences, supervised by Dr Bruno Fedrizzi  and Prof Paul Kilmartin.

Further research groups on the city campus include the yeast laboratories of Dr Mat Goddard   and Prof Richard Gardner   located in the School of Biological Sciences.

  • Sauvignon blanc

    Over 10 years of enological (and oenological) research at the Wine Science Programme, has yielded a wealth of information on aroma composition, and impacts of harvesting and winemaking procedures.

  • Electrochemical methods

    Sensor technologies for monitoring of polyphenols and antioxidants in grape juices and wines.

  • Pinot noir

    The Wine Science Programme conduct a range of projects on Pinot noir dealing with aroma development, colour and polyphenols analyses.

  • Syrah

    The Wine Science Programme conducts research into specific properties and viticultural impacts of the New Zealand Syrah.

  • Micro-oxygenation projects

    The Wine Science Programme conducts research into the benefits and techniques of continuous micro-oxygenation (MOX) of red wines in stainless steel tanks.

  • Other Wine Science projects

    Wine Science staff conduct research in a wide variety of topics such as dealing with different types of soil and antioxidant activity in red wines.

  • Pinot gris

    A new area of research examining aroma profiles and harvesting impacts.

  • Further postgraduate research topics

    In addition to current project areas at the Wine Science Programme, additional research topics in enology (and oenology) are provided from time to time.